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In September 2011, Paul and his Collective published their first album „Submerging & Emerging" with the german Label JAZZ'n'ARTs and have since been touring throughout Europe (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany,...) and Japan. He has now returned to Luxembourg, where he teaches young people music theory and percussion. He is one of the most sought-after drummers in the young Benelux Jazz scene.

Now he has returned with a new album "Breaking the Silence" with the American label "ODRADEK RECORDS".

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Philharmonie, 11.02.2017
Carte blanche pour Paul Fox

Un concert, une soirée, trois groupes, un batteur, un compositeur

Le batteur et compositeur...

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I'm very happy to announce the Release of my new Album "BREAKING THE SILENCE".

We'll play our new music this weekend at following venues:

16.1.2015: 20:00 - op der schmelz,...

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Welcome to my new website, any recent and future news will follow…

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Music has always been for me a very natural and honest way to express myself.

My Bands

Paul Fox - Drums, Compositions
Volker Engelberth - Piano/Rhodes
Markus Ehrlich - Saxophone/Flute/Clarinet
Martin Simon - Bass
Zacharias Zschenderlein - Guiitar

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Marly Marques - Vocals
Jitz Jeitz- Saxophone, Clarinet
Claude Schaus - Piano
Laurent Peckels - Bass
Paul Fox - Drums

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Claudine Muno - Vocals/Guitar
John Schlammes - Acoustic Bass
Jamie Reinert - Pedal Steet Guitar/Guitar
Paul Fox - Drums/Piano

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